Professional Bi-directional Power AmplifierA-1000


A-1000 Power amplifier mainly used in the radio signal covering system of middle and small area, amplify  the weaken radio signal by long distance delivery from base station(repeater) by the Down Link power amplifier(one of the two amplifiers built-in, the other is UP Link power amplier ) , connect to indoor area which need  signal coverage, by power divider or coupler through RF cables, radiate the signal of base station(repeater) to and also receive the signal from the radio terminals(portable radios) by antenna. Amplify the weak signal from the radio terminals by the UP Link power amplier, then transfer through the RF cables to the base station(Repeater).  This process can compensate the signal lose by long distance transfer through RF cable, and effectively cover the communication blind spots indoor, against the interference, ensure the stable, reliable, high-quality signal coverage indoor.

One of the advantages of A-1000 is, it can help to ensure the signal coverage without increase of extra base  station (repeater), the other advantage is, the cost is much lower than the simulcast repeater system with the similar performance(usually is digital devices). Comparing with the simulcast repeater system, the solution of A-1000  has more simple structure, much fewer cost, and easier installation. Widely used in the indoor radio signal coverage solution in the shopping mall, hotel, bar, metro, tunnels and parking underground,  provide the reliable and cost-effective choice.

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